Running Cafe Successfully

The Secret to Running A Successful Cafe

By definition a cafe is an establishment that serves coffee and related beverages such as espresso and cappuccino, tea and other hot beverages. Hence, cafes are also referred to as coffee shops or coffeehouses. Some cafes serve cold beverages such as iced coffee and tea too along with light smacks, muffins and pastries.

Since cafes are not like general eateries offering a wide range of dishes, successfully running a cafe requires a great deal of perseverance and expertise. You have to zero in on the perfect mix of ambience and menu before you can hope to ensure high volumes of footfalls in your premises. Here are a few tips you can use to run a flourishing cafe.

Serve the finest espresso

While there is a margin of error in other businesses, it is not so for cafes. You have to consistently serve the finest espresso and make a name for yourself so that customers will walk past ten other coffee shops for a shot of espresso at your cafe. Buy the best espresso machine and top quality fresh roasted beans and get a fully trained barista to churn out the product.

Promote multiple sales

Your cafe will never make enough money or be a highly profitable venture if you focus on coffee sales alone. In fact the ideal mix is to have 40% weekly sales from coffee and the rest from traditional coffee accompaniments such as cakes, cookies and muffins. You can also try out cold food, cold drinks and other hot food to boost multiple sales from every customer.

Price your items right

Prices at your cafe should be based on the value your customers put on your products and not through pre-determined accounting mark-ups. Coffee can be below your production cost and this loss can be made up high margins on products that are exclusive to your cafe and which have high “customer addictive” value for which they will not mind paying a lot more. Your price line should be based on patron expectation and what the market can bear.

There are a whole lot of factors that are not standardised and will be exclusive to your cafe. But get these points right and you should be on your way to success.